Spooky Video Game Music: Fakery Way (Sonic Adventure)

And for my third out of five posts for this Halloween season, we’ve got this little nugget of spooky. It’s probably not the scariest track I’ve posted/will post so far, but it still deserves a spot on my list.

Sonic Adventure (and its sequel) are in my Top 5 Sonic games, and among my lengthy list of favorite video games in general. The first game had several playable characters, each with their own unique level design and playstyle.

And let me be clear on one thing: I absolutely hate Amy’s Story.

The thought of being chased by someone or something has always been terrifying to me, and this is no exception. I’d rather have more stages to Big’s Story than play through this one.

Other things that scare me: Mirrors and the cries and laughs of babies.

And so we have the room this track plays in. Great.

It’s not even a full level, but rather a part of one that, if I recall correctly, you can skip entirely? Don’t quote me on that one, it’s been awhile.

The Hall of Mirrors is in Twinkle Park, a bright and happy theme park. The Hall of Mirrors, however, is more or less the haunted house attraction, filled with traps and other spooky things, plus a heavy sun and moon theme. And since you’re playing as Amy, the robot chasing you is here, too.

The mirror rooms themselves often force particular perspectives and show things you won’t see otherwise (like those aforementioned traps). As soon as you step into these rooms, ZERO appears to pursue you, further complicating things. I, of course, ran right into one of the traps when ZERO appeared on my first playthrough as a brave six-year-old.

And the track itself? Yeah, it definitely fits the haunted funhouse theme pretty well. From the cheery/eerie dissonance of the main melody, to the ominous instrumentation that appears and the frickin’ baby’s laugh, it’s fairly spooky yet also playful. There’s also a peculiar emptiness to it that I can’t quite explain.

It’s a more subdued spooky when compared to the tracks I’ve discussed previously, which again fits the area. Because ultimately this is a theme park attraction so it’s not meant to be serious.

Now if only ZERO could just leave…

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