Spooky Video Game Music: Id (Darkness) (Fire Emblem: Awakening)

Part 4 out of 5.

Fire Emblem: Awakening. The game that saved a dying series.

This is a track that plays more than once, if I remember correctly (I actually rarely hear due to it always playing whenever my volume is low or shut off entirely). Plus I don’t tend to wear headphones while playing, which enhances this track.

Hoo boy does wearing headphones enhance this track.

It’s a theme for, well, you. A part of you, rather, a vision of what you became in a ruined future and what you could still become in this one. A host to the soul of an evil god, cursed blood flowing through your veins. The monster you became in the old future has traveled back in time to ensure the future stays the same. The daughter of the king you serve and her friends have come to change things, and that can’t be allowed, now can it?

The actual track itself is a trip and a half. From the dissonant piano, to the… whatever the hell those vocals are supposed to be. That moaning gives me the shivers. In some ways I find this track similar to Phantasy Star Online’s The Nearest Place to Heaven Part 1 in terms of how… wrong it sounds. Not to mention they both have that dissonant piano melody that further enforces said wrongness.

This is a corruption of something that is otherwise pure. An omen looking you right in the face and smiling. The coming end of all personified. Something you don’t want to become, and yet it seems all too inevitable.

I don’t blame Robin for being disturbed by the presence of their future self that has been consumed by the curse they carry.

“I am the Fell Dragon, Grima.”

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