N I G H T W A V E S (NaNoWriMo 2017)

So, this upcoming November, I’m writing yet another thriller novel (my previous three NaNo novels have been thrillers). This one is… I hesitate to say Cyberpunk, because while it’s got a futuristic aesthetic, it doesn’t have the dystopian themes of Cyberpunk. It’s going to be a very cartoony and light-hearted story, with tech levels as low and as high as I want.

As the title suggests, the novel was heavily inspired by the vaporwave a e s t h e t i c. The idea for the novel initially came to me when I stumbled upon this video of ‘wave music. The gif used in said video alongside the music spoke to something inside me and the beginnings of an idea took hold. Then I listened to this song once more (I listen to it often) and looked at the image used, and things solidified into the novel I am going to write (side note: I consider End of Summer to be a theme song for another story I want to write eventually).

Here’s the synopsis. It’s always a work in progress because I never like the ones I write.

Maria Reyes is a detective on the hunt for the notorious drug lord known as the Falcon Queen. Mae Park is a slacker hacker who robs the coffee shop she works at every night. Their relationship has its good moments and bad moments, but they’ve been close for as long as they can remember.

When Maria is kidnapped by a group of hitmen wearing animal masks to keep her from bringing down the Falcon Queen, Mae realizes it’s time to stop slacking and start getting serious. Joining up with Maria’s partner Jose Hernandez, Mae jumps into the fray to save her girlfriend. But time is running out for all of them, as the Falcon Queen sets her sights on a prize far beyond what any of them could imagine.

What follows is a high-speed chase of drug lords and over-caffeinated nerds, set in the rain-soaked and dreamlike neon landscape of a futuristic Miami.

Can’t wait to write this. I’ll likely make more posts about it, at least.


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