NaNoWriMo Musings: Projects New and Old

A quick overview of what I’ve written for NaNo so far, and what’s been done with them since. Camp novels included.

November 2015: Hatchling, a Metroid fanfiction that is difficult to define, genre-wise. It’s character-focused. I’ve been editing this off and on since its completion and was about to start posting it when the combined forces of Federation Force, Samus Returns, and the mere announcement of Prime 4 forced me to rewrite an entire subplot and remove an entire character.

April 2016: The Destiny of Cynder: A New Hope, a Legend of Spyro fanfiction and fantasy adventure. As my previous post shows, I’ve been editing and uploading this one.

July 2016: The Destiny of Cynder: Specters of the Eclipse, a Legend of Spyro fanfiction, fantasy adventure, and sequel to A New Hope. It stands incomplete at roughly 53k words and I intend to finally finish it after NaNo 2017. The first chapter is up as a teaser, however.

November 2016: Afterlife City,an anthropomorphic  Biopunk/Cyberpunk Thriller. This manuscript is… in dire need of a drastic rewrite that I just don’t have the energy for right now. Maybe next year.

April 2017: Tova, a Kaiju Thriller. Like Afterlife City, it desperately needs some TLC, however fixing it should prove much easier. It waits for now.

July 2017: Ghosts of Eden, MegaMan Zero fanfiction and thriller. Its rough draft stands incomplete at about 57k words and I’m more interested in starting over from scratch. I’ve actually written the ending, though.

And, of course, I will write a cartoony thriller titled N I G H T W A V E S this November. After this, I’m taking a break from thrillers. Four in a row is enough.

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