Moving Video Game Music: Main Menu Theme (Sword of the Stars)

Well this isn’t my follow-up to my last post, but college got in the way and now that it’s over with, I’d like to finish my Moving Video Game Music set before I continue with that and whatever else comes to mind. So, three out of five.

Anyhow. Sword of the Stars. I love this game a lot. One of my (many) favorite games. I’ve probably played…. almost 1000 hours of it. I know Xfire counted at least 600+ before it went down, and that didn’t include the many hours I played when not on Xfire, and the hours that followed Xfire’s downfall. Not sure whether I should feel ashamed of this or not.

Sword of the Stars was the first 4X strategy game I ever played, and it’s remained my favorite ever since. The soundtrack is a big reason why. It’s so good and full of personality. The battle themes especially fit each race/faction perfectly.

When I installed the game (Complete Collection, for the record) and booted it up initially, I wasn’t sure what to expect. The game loaded, and at the menu, I heard this theme.

It’s beautiful. No other word for it. When I heard this theme, I knew I was in for something special.

Sometimes I just leave the game open on the main menu to listen to this track. The feeling it gives me is difficult to describe, but there’s something… pure about it? Pure and mysterious. The universe may be dangerous, but it is beautiful, full of worlds and secrets to uncover.

My only wish is that this track went on longer.

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