Moving Video Game Music: Time Gear (Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Darkness/Time/Sky)

Here we go. Five out of five. This set is done.

Ah, I’ve got a wave of nostalgia now. I’m pretty sure saying “This game is one of my favorite games” is getting old by now, but it’s true. I have many favorites, many games dear to my heart. This is one of them.

Explorers has one of the best storylines of any Pokemon game, and it never fails to emotionally destroy me every time I play it. I love emotional destruction.

Another excellent part of the game was, of course, the soundtrack. It blended together seamlessly with the writing and the spritework, giving an experience I haven’t had since.

Therefore, I think this track is an appropriate finale for this set.

It’s a track that plays more than once in the game during particular scenes. In essence, this is the “Call to Heroism” track, for lack of a better way to describe it. When the characters make their decisions to press on, to never lose courage and hope.

This track fills me with a deep sense of longing but also a powerful determination. Memories of days past and visions of days yet to come. And yet, there’s a powerful feeling of melancholy to it as well, of shattered dreams and the dying embers of hope. But also the promise to rise again.

This is the type of track that makes me ready to go out and save the world, as only a Pokemon game protagonist can do.

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