Winter Video Game Music: Phendrana Drifts Main Theme (Metroid Prime)

It’s Christmas Day where I live and so I think this is a good time for me to start a new series. Wanted to start this sooner, but stuff came up. Anyway, here it is, a set of five winter level themes from video games that I like. This will be a yearly thing like my Spooky Video Game Music posts.

And I think that one of my favorite tracks from a game that I want to inject into my bloodstream is a very good start for this set of holiday cheer. Be prepared for lots of rambling, because I love Metroid more than I love oxygen.

Metroid Prime reminds me of Phantasy Star Online in a way. While Lore Scans and side quests help explain Metroid Prime’s and Phantasy Star Online’s story more, respectively, you’re more or less free to ignore them and play the game with little to no context for the events that have transpired and will transpire. In both games you’re dropped on a lonely world, and in Metroid Prime’s case, with no direction.

All in all, the world of Metroid Prime, Tallon IV, is fairly standard when it comes to the “levels”, such as they are. It’s got ruins, a lava cave, a lab, mines, a sunken ship (okay, crashed spaceship), an ice area…

Said ice area, Phendrana Drifts, is absolutely beautiful. Bright sky, frozen lakes, ruins of the Chozo civilization including a temple, and filled to the brim with wildlife ready to just murder you. So, a standard Metroid ice level. Probably.

Seeing Phendrana Drifts for the first time was, simply put, magical. From the second I stepped into the icy world and the first notes of the track played, I was entranced, taken in by the wonder of it all.

And then I screamed when the baby Sheegoths attacked me. But, to be fair, my general reaction to Metroid wildlife is to scream and run anyway.

The track itself is… beautiful. Of all the ice level themes in the Metroid series, this is the best one. Really, the soundtrack in Metroid Prime is incredible in general, but there’s a reason this track is so beloved.

Like. I can’t find fault in this track, except that it ends.

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