Winter Video Game Music: Ice Cap Zone Act 1 and 2 (Sonic the Hedgehog 3)

Kinda obligatory. Two out of five, but this post is technically a double feature because I felt like it.

Sonic the Hedgehog 3. A classic game with a classic soundtrack.

Ice Cap Zone is exciting as all Sonic levels should be, and also absolutely gorgeous. One of my favorite levels in any Sonic game, even though I’ve historically never been good at it (then again my failures at 2D Sonic titles are… legendary. I’m so bad at them).

These tracks are a farcry from Phendrana Drifts, being a lot more upbeat rather than ambient. They’re not tracks that make you want to stop and take in the beauty of the ice world around, rather instead they’re tracks that get you pumped and ready to go smash some robots and free the helpless little robots inside.

Whereas a lot of ice level themes either go for ambience or Christmas-y melodies, Ice Cap Zone is here and ready for SOME EXTREME 90’S SNOWBOARDING OHHHH YEAAAAAAH.

Both of these tracks are pure gold and perfect for the levels in which they are used. When I first played the game I heard these themes, my kid heart was filled with excitement and joy. They’re still favorites to this day, but I think like Zone 1’s a bit more.

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