I’ve Got An Announcement: I Now Have An Etsy Shop!

So for the past few months I’d been shopping around Etsy and buying some really nice handmade jewelry, and after awhile I started remembering the times I would make jewelry with cheap plastic beads as a child. Sure, they didn’t exactly look great, but they were mine and they made kid me a very happy dragonet.

So eventually I decided… Why not try making jewelry again? Why not try setting up my own Etsy shop and selling jewelry I make?

And so since February I’ve been working on bracelets with my mom, starting small, of course, and growing in confidence while the bracelets I made grew in number.

I am now reasonably confident in my abilities and comfortable with the amount of bracelets I’ve made to open up my shop. And so I have.

Here it is: Storm Dragon’s Wares!

Right now I only have one listing but I’ll be adding my other bracelets later today when I can take pictures, and more designs will be coming soon!

I will also be at Indiana Comic Con with my dad, selling whatever bracelets I can bring, but mostly just handing out snazzy business cards!

Also, currently I can only ship to the continental US. I’m researching options and hope to open my shop to the rest of North America sooner rather than later, and if things go well, worldwide.

I’m really excited about this, y’all.

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