Unannounced Accidental Hiatus + Indy PopCon

So I made a very lovely disappearing act completely by accident. I swear it’s not anxiety or anything. Okay maybe it is. Well, partially.

One of the main reasons I accidentally disappeared was I’ve been focusing a decent chunk of my energy preparing for an appearance at Indy Popcon! Yes, that’s an actual thing I’m doing, and even though this will be my second convention appearance as an Etsy/jewelry seller, this will be my first time also trying to advertise myself as a writer of fiction and stuff.

By giving out postcards using this awesome artwork I commissioned from my awesome friend! Praise be to this friend.

I’ll be at Booth 604 in the Exhibitor Hall, selling jewelry and giving out the postcards to anyone who wants them! So, if you’re gonna be at Indy Popcon, come see me! It’s where all the cool dragons are!

I’m still working on Lamenting City, but progress has slowed because of this. Once Popcon’s over things should go back to normal.

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