Spooky Video Game Music: Haunted Trainers’ School (Pokemon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon)

(first, I want to apologize for the unsettling thumbnail/image of this video. It was actually the least disturbing upload I could find on such short notice)

Another day, another several hours consumed by college… and another spooky track! Two out of… five, again. With the chance of a bonus or two if I feel up for it. Just ridiculously busy as of late.

But I’m here now, ready to ramble about another spooky track, because it’s the season! And today we’ve got a Pokemon track… which isn’t Lavender Town in any shape or form. If Lavender Town ever makes it onto this list, I’ve run out of other tracks in the Pokemon series that I find more disturbing or I’ve been kidnapped by Zuul or something and I’m saying “Lavender Town is the scariest track!” as a coded cry for help.

(do I find Lavender Town unsettling? A little bit, but nowhere near as much as other folks, I’m afraid… and this is an opinion I’ll end up saying a lot when it comes to Pokemon’s music. I am nothing if not a contrarian)

The context of this track is… If I’m being honest, it’s nowhere near as terrifying as this track implies it is. You’re told by some kid that some Spooky Scrap is goin’ down at the Trainers’ School, and your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to investigate what’s happening.

A little girl with a Drifloon tells you of the spooky happenings, and you investigate them one by one. They pretty much actual mundane explanations (although the class illusion the Hypno conjures up is…. something, alright).

Naturally, the side quest ends on the implication that the girl might actually have been a ghost. You’re not told either way. So, there’s that bit of loveliness.

As for the track itself? Cliche as this phrase may sound, I’m genuinely surprised this is in a Pokemon game. It’s a very simple track, but jam-packed with malice and terror. There’s a coldness to it, as well, a feeling of eyes surrounding you, monsters about to close in. It sounds less like you’re walking into a school but rather into a cursed building that will trap you within an unending nightmare.

I’m genuinely not sure why this side quest required its own track, especially one so dark and foreboding, but who am I to question GameFreak? Unless this was a track made for fun and GameFreak decided to throw it in for the laughs… “Laughs”. I don’t know.

Best enjoyed (varying degrees of enjoyment here) with headphones.

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