Spooky Video Game Music: Zuul Masters (?) (Sword of the Stars: The Pit)

(I actually can’t remember if this was the actual title of the track, and I can’t check my copy of the OST to verify at the moment; if it needs correcting, don’t hesitate to inform me please!)

Finally, here’s three out of five. In celebration of The Pit of Doom’s upcoming Early Access release (there’s some blood in the video on the Steam page, so no one clicks this and is caught by surprise), here’s a track from the game that started it all, Sword of the Stars: The Pit.

Put simply, The Pit is a game that doesn’t like you. From the moment you purchase this game and install it to your machine, it is already plotting the many, many spectacular deaths of you. And you will indeed die. A lot. It could from starvation, from a robot shooting you in the face, to that locker you’re attempting to open actually turning out to be a horrible monster, the possibilities are endless!

Each class/character has their own unique backstory and reasons for braving the Pit (some of these reasons align, others do not, for example, I don’t really think anyone’s going to invite the Lich to any office parties any time soon). Whoever you pick, I guarantee you the Pit has already thought of new and incredible ways to kill you.

But I digress.

Let’s be real here. The Pit has a rockin’ soundtrack. This is a fact. Don’t even @ me. It’s atmospheric and energetic when it needs to be, while carrying an undercurrent of danger, because after all, death could be right around the corner… and probably is.

And so, this track. Of the whole set, this is a track I feel belongs on this list for the sheer malice it radiates. This is the track that makes it abso-freaking-lutely clear where you are, and how alone you are. You’ve made it this far, but the nightmare is still far from over, and things are not going to get any easier.

Can you survive the Pit?

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