Storm Dragon Rambles: An Update On Things (AKA, Where In The World Was Isis E. Prosser The Storm Dragon?)

And the answer for this blog’s inactivity iiiiiisssss…

A lot of stress from several things impacting my life and making writing Lamenting City and updating this blog sadly not a priority, and for the folks who read this blog, I apologize for that. College is and continues to be a black hole, especially when combined with the depression/mental illness cocktail I got going on in my brain.

Another reason is that my dog Molly and my cat Lucky both saw their health deteriorating around the end of last year before they passed away in January. The following months were, and are still, very hard. Not a day goes by where I don’t miss them, as I continue to miss Fancy.

The stress was such that for December, January, February, and March, I was barely doing any writing at all, except for stuff I’ve shared with friends privately and am planning on posting to my AO3 at some point. What time wasn’t spent on school was probably spent taking care of Molly and Lucky, and then sobbing when they were gone.

In short, it was a Bad Time.

But not everything has been completely garbage. My mom and I did adopt two cats from the local shelter in February, a calico/tortoiseshell named Lyla and a black snowshoe mix named Olivia. They brought joy back into our lives and helped us, and continue to help us, process our grief.

I spent March focusing on piecing myself back together and preparing for Camp NaNoWriMo in April, which I am currently doing. It’s going well, and I’m glad to be writing again.

Next month, I plan on finishing the first draft of 2018 NaNoWriMo project (a young adult/teen portal fantasy in the vein of Harry Potter but with diverse characters) while also picking Lamenting City back up.

I’m also going to finish last year’s Spooky Video Game Music set and I’ll do something for the winter set, too, even then winter’s now gone.

I’ve got so much I want to do here, so hopefully I’m able to.

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