The Elementum Dragon Saga: Glacial Sun, Prologue: A World Without The Moon

I’m alive! Again. What A Century This Year Has Been (by Fallout Boy). Lamenting City will return this month, hopefully, but until then here’s a new web novel I’ve been working on since January and finally wrote a small chunk of during July Camp NaNoWriMo.

It is a story about dragons. In particular, an Ice Dragon named Stella Glaciem, a character created by a dear friend of mine. Here’s a picture of her:

There will be action. There will be friendship. There will be food.

Here’s the prologue.

Nestled deep within the stars, there rests a planet forged and guarded by ten Primordial Powers: the Sun, the Moon, the Stars, Fire, Water, Earth, Ice, Wind, Lightning, and Time itself. Together, these Primordial Powers shaped and molded this new planet across many cycles, watching the life grow from their energies and the planet itself become a living, breathing entity all its own.

The planet formed and life upon it, the Primordial Powers each split into four, the largest shards inhabiting the bodies of Dragons and the three remaining pieces bonding with equines that would become Alicorns. The Primordial Powers within them, the Dragons and the Alicorns became as Gods, ruling and protecting the planet and the life therein for many millennia. Cradled by their power, the planet’s age of prosperity seemed without end.

Until one day, the Dragon Goddess of the Sun, Helvuur, grew jealous and filled with hate. How she loathed the Moon and the Stars and their sunless nights. How she loathed the Fire that lit the torches, how she loathed the water that made the planet so green. How she despised the Earth that formed the mountains and the forests that blocked her sunlight, how she hated the Ice that grew stronger in the coldness of the night. And oh, how maddening it was that the Wind would bring with it clouds that shrouded the land below in shadow, and how the Lightning lit up the sky in mockery of her sun.
She hated how Time dictated her sun fall and that the moon and stars must rise to take its place.

It was then that Helvuur decided the memories of the past no longer mattered, that the friendships she had forged across millennia were little more than specks of dust swept away by her hatred and jealousy. And for the first time since the planet’s awakening, the Primordial Powers clashed, each battle more tragic than the last.

The Sun Alicorns that once called Helvuur their friend and harnessed the power of the Sun with her were unable to convince her to stop, unable to stop her themselves when she challenged them. And one by one, the Dragon Gods and Alicorns of the other Primordial Powers fell to her might, until only she stood.

For centuries after, Helvuur has ruled the dying planet with an iron fist, forcing those who would resist underground, where they have been ever since. Many times have they tried to free the fallen Dragon Gods and Alicorns, and each time have they failed.

It is moments like these where heroes arise, in the most unlikely of places. And it is here, that our story begins.

Next: soon

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