Fictober 2019 Day 1: “It Will Be Fun, Trust Me” (The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild)

I don’t know why I’m trying Fictober again, but I am, and here we are. But hey, it’s content! For my blog! That is always in need of content!

Here’s the prompt list:

For this Fictober, I’m going to try to do a mix of fanfic and original fic. I can’t say what it all will be yet, because I don’t know.

But this one? It’s Zelda time.

I would like to note that for my BOTW fanon, Link is a trans girl (and also super gay and super ace). She is also a Chaos Being and seems to survive the bad decisions she makes because the Goddess of Courage favours the foolish. I love her.

That will be all. Please enjoy.

“Shield surfing,” Zelda repeated, following Link up the trail away from Rito Village and towards Hebra Mountains. “You want to go… shield surfing.”

Link nodded eagerly, looking back and seeing that Zelda didn’t seem interested in the slightest. She gave her a wide grin. “It will be fun, trust me!”

“Are you sure about that?” Zelda questioned, grimacing at the biting cold wind. There were more important things they could have been doing, like working towards restoring Hyrule to its former glory, but no, she hadn’t been able to convince Link that those things needed their attention.

Apparently, Link seemed to think that defeating Calamity Ganon meant that she was now free to make all kinds of extremely bad decisions. Like shield surfing. Zelda tried to explain to her the risks. She didn’t listen.

“I can’t even count the ways this could go wrong!” Zelda tried again, not that Link could really hear her over the roaring wind. “Do you know what could happen to us, Link? We could die, and if we did, I’m going to kill you!”

“It’ll be fine, I’ve done this plenty of times!” Link hollered back, still with that grin that Zelda was sure would be wiped off her face the instant reality slammed into her.

Maybe Zelda was projecting a little.

If they survived this, Zelda was never going anywhere near Hebra Mountains again. She couldn’t stand the cold. Link could come back all she wanted. Zelda wouldn’t stop her. She’d just stay in Hateno and complain about it.

“Here we are!” Link announced, gesturing towards the physical manifestation of the bad idea. She couldn’t even see where the slope ended, much of the trail itself obscured by the snowy wind. “Are you ready?”

“No,” Zelda answered immediately, as Link handed her a shield anyway. A knight’s shield, to be specific. It was in pristine condition, all things considered.

“It’s really easy, just do what I do!” Link, either blissfully unaware of Zelda’s distinct lack of enthusiasm or simply electing to ignore it, dashed away and jumped onto her shield, surfing down the snowy slope, eventually disappearing within the falling snow.

Zelda’s ears drooped as she watched Link be consumed by the gray, and she held the knight’s shield with trembling hands. She had no idea what awaited Link on the other side of the blizzard, and what would inevitably await her if she dared follow. A wall of solid rock? The edge of a cliff? A camp of Lizalfos? Or maybe-

Or, even worse, there was nothing at all to worry about and if she didn’t shield surf down there to join Link, the Great Hero of Courage or whatever would never let her live this down.

“Ugh, fine,” Zelda dashed towards the slope, stopping right before she reached the edge of it, gingerly setting the knight’s shield down and then stepping on it, screaming when she tilted it just enough to bring her sliding down the snow and against the wind.

Zelda wasn’t sure what was louder; her screams of regret or her heart threatening to pound out of her chest. She couldn’t hear the wind anymore over her own terror and her life flashing before her eyes.

It all came to one horrible, terrible, no good, very bad conclusion when the knight’s shield collided with a rock buried within the snow, launching Zelda right into the air and down to the white void below, where she crashed into a pile of snow.

“Zelda!” Link’s voice rang in her ears. “You made it!”

“…You…!” Zelda growled while spitting snow out of her mouth and pushing herself back to her feet. She pointed a finger at Link like she was scolding a child. “I have half a mind to-”

The knight’s shield, having also been launched into the air and sent careening to the earth at incredible speed, slammed into both Link and Zelda, shoving them into the snow and knocking them out instantly.

Legend says that all of Rito Village was later woken up in the dead of night by Link screaming for help and Zelda screaming for vengeance.

Legend also says Link is still running.

Fingers crossed I can keep this up for the whole month… I’m also planning on revisiting the prompts from last year, because I’ve got stuff that was never finished that I Would Like To Finish.

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