Fictober Day 2: “Just Follow Me. I Know The Area.” (Fire Emblem Awakening)

I wanted to have this done sooner, but the Switch remake for Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening is extremely good.

Cannot wait to post this and then freak out because I missed some typos.

“I can’t take it anymoooore…” Lissa leaned her head back, her shoulders slumped, before falling to her knees and dramatically faceplanting into the trail. “We’ve been walking for hours…”

“We’ve been walking for five minutes,” Frederick pointed out.

“It feels like hours!” Lissa countered, still lying on the ground and doing her best to be an immovable object against Frederick’s unstoppable force.

“So, how far are we to the capital?” Robin asked, clutching an empty journal in one hand and a pen in the other as she walked past Frederick and Lissa.

“It’s not much farther,” Chrom answered, walking ahead of everyone else and holding a map that Robin noticed was upside down. “Just follow me, I know the area.”

“I sure hope so,” Robin said with a nervous laugh and smile, staring at the map and trying not to look obvious about it. “Um, do you-“

But Chrom didn’t hear her, especially not over Lissa and Frederick’s argument that ever increased in its intensity. Robin almost wanted to ask if that happened often, but decided against it.

In front of her, Chrom stopped and looked at the map, mercifully realizing the map was upside down. Robin didn’t have long to celebrate, however, as Chrom instead held the map in a different way that was just as wrong as the previous. He didn’t seem to notice, and kept walking.

Robin really should say something, but…

They kept walking, Frederick eventually succeeding in removing Lissa from the ground and Virion daring to speak to Sully again and getting glared at for his efforts. He tried to say something to Robin, but quickly gave up when it became apparent she had no attention whatsoever to spare for him. She considered that a good thing.

Robin looked up at her surroundings, narrowing her eyes and frowning. Didn’t they walk by this tree before? Several times, in fact? And even worse, Chrom was holding the map in another, definitely incorrect way again. Robin began to doubt he was even looking at it. Oh, gods. He was going to get them lost forever.

Was questioning royalty a punishable offense in this country? Was Frederick just following behind her, waiting for her to approach Chrom so he finally had an excuse to toss her directly into the trash?

“Chrom…” Robin finally tried again, after an hour of walking around aimlessly and Chrom continuing to read the map in increasingly impractical ways. “Chrom!”

“Hm, what is it Robin?” Chrom looked up from the map, and Robin could see that it was upside down again.

Robin straightened her coat. Now or never… “Are you aware you’ve been reading the map wrong this whole time?”

“…What?” Chrom looked at the map more closely, finally realizing that Robin was right. He cleared his throat. “It’s fine. Like I said, I know the area.”

“We have passed that same exact tree several times already,” Robin deadpanned, pointing towards the tree while maintaining eye contact with Chrom. If questioning royalty was a crime here, she would make sure she went as far as possible.

“…Ah, so we have…” Chrom folded up the map, silently wishing the earth would swallow him up so he could escape from the hell he had so expertly carved out for himself and the other Shepherds. “Frederick!”

“Yes, milord?” Frederick suddenly appeared behind Robin, prompting her to scream in surprise. He ignored her.

“Please take this map and get us to the capital,” Chrom held the map out, still looking like he was going to explode from embarrassment.

“I thought you would never ask,” Frederick took the map and urged his horse to walk ahead without another word.

“So… how long to the capital now?” Robin asked, walking beside Chrom.

“Oh, between an hour or five years,” Chrom replied.

Robin hoped that was a joke. She didn’t dare ask.

Robin: “idk i think i might marry him later”

Tomorrow will be a change of pace, because it will be original fic instead of fanfic. Look forward to that, I s’pose.

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