Fictober Day 4: “I Know You Didn’t Ask For This” (Metroid Prime 3: Corruption)

hey look it’s metroid that thing i won’t ever shut up about

This is also not a funny one in the slightest! Only pain and doom and gloom here!

My Metroid fanon is Way Too Big to fully explain here but one important thing to note, since it’s referenced here, is that in my fanonverse, genetic modification of sapient beings is like. Super illegal in Federation space, with really bad consequences for both the modifier and the modified.

So the Chozo making Samus part-Chozo is just. something she doesn’t want to talk about.

It’s better to make people think she somehow has a Chozo Power Suit that works perfectly well for a perfectly normal and regular human.

She had been dead to the world for only one month since the attack on Norion, but it felt like only a few seconds to her. She saw only black, heard no sound, and then opened her eyes to medics asking her more questions then she wanted to answer.

And then they told her.

Phazon coursed through her body, a parting gift from the monster that wore a mockery of her form. And the Federation medics, the scientists… damn them all, they changed her Power Suit to siphon this Phazon and use it as power. Her body had been changed, and she had been given no choice in the matter.

Her Power Suit looked more like a Federation Trooper’s armour, and less like the Chozo armour it actually was. She felt less like herself just looking at her reflection.

They had changed her. They had changed her. They had torn her to pieces in more ways than she could even begin to count.

What gave them the right?

And if they had done all this, had torn her apart to see what was inside, then they knew… they knew. They knew what was in her blood, knew what she really was, assuming the Phazon hadn’t already rotted her into something else entirely.

“They would cut you up,” Adam had said, the night he had learned that the Chozo had made her one of them, in bold defiance of Federation law. “You can’t let anyone know what you are.”

They would take her blood. They would take her bones, they would-

Admiral Dane needed to see her, now that she was awake. And she still had a job to do, or at least she managed to convince herself she did.

She should find her Gunship. Take it back and leave, and never come back, let the Federation sort out this mess on their own, whatever it had become while she was gone. But then the problem would inevitably find her again, and more people would only get hurt.

“Good to see you’re alright,” Admiral Dane said as she walked into the room.

“I’ve been better,” she managed to say, even as her brain was screaming GET IT OUT GET IT OUT GET IT OUT GET IT OUT-

The Phazon was going to eat her alive, from the inside and out, it was going to-

“Be that as it may, we still need your help,” Admiral Dane continued, calm and collected and yet so weary, but of what Samus couldn’t quite guess. “As I’m sure you can guess, you aren’t the only one with that PED Unit-”

Samus hadn’t guessed. Hadn’t taken the time to wonder about Rundas, or Ghor, or Gandrayda. Admiral Dane’s words were drowned out by the screaming in her head, by the pounding of her own heartbeat, the hissing of the poison. We’re going to die we’re going to die we’re doing to die CAN’T YOU SEE THAT WHAT HAVE YOU DONE-

“…We haven’t heard from them since,” Admiral Dane finished, looking at Samus face to face, though he couldn’t see her eyes beyond her visor. “We need you to look for them. Rundas’ last known location was Bryyo. Another one of those Leviathans struck the planet; we sent him to investigate.”

“I’ll find him,” Samus said all too quickly, letting What’s left of him go unspoken.

“I know you didn’t ask for this,” Admiral Dane cleared his throat. “But we need you.”

“I know,” she said after a lengthy silence, voice low. She turned around to leave the room, uncomfortable inside the Olympus and inside her own skin. She tried to distract herself with her mission, and not of what was inevitable.

There would be a price to pay later. There always was.

She could ignore it for now. But only for now.

if it wasn’t obvious i pretty much spend 99.9% of my metroid fanon hurting samus

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