Fictober Day 5: “I Might Just Kiss You” (Original)

Here’s a story about an OC of mine and an OC of a friend’s. Their names are Radieux Solare and Drohen Noctis, respectively, and they are dragons (very important). Radieux is a dragon made of crystal, and she is the Elementum Dragon of Light. Noctis, meanwhile, is the Elementum Dragon of Shadow.

Here’s Radieux Solare:

Here’s Drohen Noctis:

“Oh, how exciting this is!” Radieux marched ahead with a dramatic twirl of her spear. “You and me, together, on a grand adventure! Don’t you agree, dear?”

“You are quite good company,” Noctis replied with a nod, walking behind Radieux but keeping her eyes ahead of them both. The temple was old and dark, but if the words of the townspeople were any indication, it still held a wealth of deadly secrets. “But do please contain your enthusiasm? You might set something off.”

“Oh, of course,” Radieux slowed her step just enough so that she was now walking beside Noctis. “Hm, I wonder what we’ll find…”

“What, indeed,” Noctis directed a few of her drones to fly ahead, watching them disappear into the darkness that had remained untouched by Radieux’s light for the moment.

The drones didn’t uncover anything out of the ordinary, but Noctis still didn’t see any reason to assume the temple was just as empty as it appeared to be. She sensed something in the air, and the townspeople had been so insistent there was something there…

Their trek soon led them into a much more expansive room, with a large statue in the center. A lindworm-type creature, with many eyes represented by rounded gemstones, except for one empty, cracked socket. Bones littered the floor, some newer than the others around them.

“How reassuring that is,” Noctis said calmly, recalling her drones to herself. She looked at the lindworm’s face again, taking in the sight of its gemstone eyes and the empty one. It looked like…

A shadowy mist poured from the empty socket, taking the shape of the lindworm itself, its eyes glowing the colours of its statue’s gemstones with the exception of the empty one, which Noctis and Radieux couldn’t see against its shadowy body. It roared and launched itself at them, fangs barred.

The lindworm lunged for Radieux in particular, her sword going right through its body, harmlessly, when she tried to slash it. She struck it with her spear to the same result, the lindworm clamping its jaws down on her arm.

“Let me go, you’ll mess up my armour’s paint!” Radieux complained, shaking the lindworm off herself. It hissed and scrambled to sink its fangs into Noctis as she approached its statue. She knocked it aside without even looking at it, eyes still on the statue as she removed something from her cloak.

“Noctis, whatever your idea is, could you work a bit faster, darling?” Radieux asked, dodging a strike from the lindworm and yelling over its hisses and roars. She glared down at it. “Ugh, must you be like this?”

The lindworm hissed and bit her. “Gah! Apparently the answer is yes!”

With the lindworm once more thoroughly distracted by Radieux, Noctis made her way over to the statue, holding the gemstone that the townspeople had begged her and Radieux to take with them. Now she knew why. Hearing the lindworm hiss at her once again, she quickly pushed the gemstone into the empty socket, turning to face the lindworm.

The lindworm paused, a dim glow forming in its empty eye, intensifying until its eye finally glowed like the others did. It stared at Radieux and then at Noctis, before flying back into the statue.

“That should take care of that,” Noctis mused, gaze lingering on the statue for the moment.

“I might just kiss you,” Radieux said suddenly, looking at Noctis in adoration. She walked over to her, her crystalline rainbow scales glowing against Noctis’ darker scales.

“You should, then,” Noctis replied simply, smiling at her. She didn’t get a chance to react before the smaller light dragon leapt at her and wrapped her arms around her, kissing her. Noctis gave her a small smile, kissing her back and returning her embrace. “…Shall we be off, then?”

“Oh, yes, of course,” Radieux wasn’t letting go, however.

Not for awhile.

dfgnkfgh i really didn’t know what to do with this prompt so please take it as it is

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