Fictober Day 6: “Yes, I’m Aware. Your Point?” (Original)

Here I am with more dragon OCs. Death Velkir and Zinkeos belong to a friend, Arcanviel is mine.

Some quick explanations: Kir Dragons are a type of extremely powerful god dragon, with Dark Kir Dragons generally being the evil/destructive ones. Viel Networks are also a type of god dragon, being serpentine and also digital beings who’s physical forms can be said to be ‘hard light’ constructs/holograms. Keos Dragons are a rare type of dragon that Kir Dragons can create. So far, only two are known to exist.

So, let’s go let’s gooooooo

Arcanviel was old, even by the standards of the greater gods that roamed the Omniverse. They had been there since the beginning and would be there should the curtains ever fall. Where they would be after, they couldn’t say.

They could map out the branching paths an individual could take, could chart the many courses a nation could go, and they could predict the ones most likely to occur.

Which is why they found themself at a loss. Of all the possibilities, all the potential paths, this was a meeting they did not expect to come to pass. They didn’t know what he wanted, and they weren’t ready to ask.

Death Velkir’s eyes seemed to stare into them, but they held his gaze regardless. They were a scholar and a keeper of secrets, not a warrior. If the Dark Kir Dragon wanted to challenge them…

But something had beckoned Arcanviel from the safety of their Library and all they contained within it, and so they left to greet it. And now he was here, and he wouldn’t yet say why. There was another presence with them, something clinging to Death Velkir that Arcanviel couldn’t see.

“Have you something for me, Death Velkir?” Arcanviel finally asked, their voice showing no hint of their apprehension. Good.

“Yes,” Death Velkir answered simply. “A secret, to be kept safe for awhile.”

Arcanviel was both intrigued and hesitant. “And what sort of secret would that be?”

“An individual,” Death Velkir said, his tone leaving little room for Arcanviel to argue.

Arcanviel’s eyes widened underneath their hood, but Death Velkir couldn’t see that. “An… individual, you say?”

“Yes,” Death Velkir nodded. “A secret weapon, if you would.”

What a way to talk about another person, Arcanviel couldn’t help but think to themself. But then, Death Velkir seemed to be the type of person to think that way. Arcanviel wondered, briefly, if this individual could hear.

“Then show me,” Arcanviel said, resting their wings at their sides. “Let me see this individual.”

It was a reasonable request, one that Arcanviel figured Death Velkir wouldn’t refuse if he really wanted them to go along with it.

“Very well,” Death Velkir moved so Arcanviel could see the much smaller, and shinier dragon staring up at them.

She wasn’t anything like what Arcanviel had expected. Silver scales and armour gleamed in the dim lights, her wings, horns, and underbelly the pattern of a night sky. And her eyes held so much wonder, so much peace and kindness, that Arcanviel found it hard to believe she had been created by Death Velkir… yet, his power was unmistakable, and it emanated from her.

“…I haven’t let anyone into my Library for many millennia,” Arcanviel finally said, slowly, looking up from the silver Keos Dragon and to Death Velkir. “And besides, she is… nothing like what you describe.”

“Yes, I’m aware, your point?” Death Velkir regarded Arcanviel with a pointed stare.

“Why don’t you protect her instead, teach her these things you intend?” Arcanviel questioned again. They couldn’t sense any actual malice from the Dark Kir Dragon, now that they took the opportunity to feel for his energy.

“It is… better this way,” Death Velkir explained, and Arcanviel could tell there were still secrets he saw fit to hide from them. “You alone can teach her the history and the secrets of the Omniverse, in ways no one else ever could. And I am also afraid that I must go where she cannot…”

“Very well, then,” Arcanviel sighed. “I shall guard her until you return, however long that may be… You need only tell me when the time comes.”

“Thank you,” Death Velkir replied, nudging the Keos Dragon towards the serpentine Viel Network. “You may go.”

He turned and flew away into the darkness, leaving Arcanviel and the Keos Dragon behind.

“And what might your name be, little one?” Arcanviel asked, before shooting a beam of pink flame into the void, opening a portal to the Library.

“Zinkeos,” the Keos Dragon answered, staring at the portal in amazement.

“It is a pleasure to meet you, Zinkeos,” Arcanviel let her go first, following her into the Library. “I am Arcanviel, Keeper of Secrets.

And you, Arcanviel thought, Are the most valuable secret I will ever keep, but for what purpose, I wonder…

This is an important scene in my friend’s and my expansive lore, and yet. there’s no large scale fic we can attach it to so here it is on its own.

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