Fictober Day 7: “No, And That’s Final” (Original)

More OCs. I have too many OCs. As does my friend. Theron Metallum is his OC, and she is the Elementum Dragon of Lightning, Ironclaw, a cyborg wyvern, is one of my OCs and Theron’s companion. The rest of the OCs who appear and are mentioned are from my 2016 NaNoWriMo project, Fractured Eclipse. I haven’t written them since then and I missed them, so, quick introductions. First, they’re all humanoid/anthro animals. Yeah. Hoshiyo is a green velociraptor, and Isadora is a purple dragon. Of the OCs merely referenced, Tris is a golden caracal, Scorpius is a green cobra, Morrigan is a really really really dark purple raven, and Wheeler is a silver wolf.

All of them are complete disasters, but especially Isadora.

Theron tapped away at her screen, Ironclaw sitting on the tip of her snout and staring down at it. The tiny wyvern had no idea what Theron was doing, but she found herself mesmerized by it all the same.

Movement in the corner of Theron’s eye prompted her to look up from her tablet. Her eyes met Hoshiyo’s, and the worry on her face suggested to Theron that something, somewhere, had gone quite wrong.

“Is it Tris?” Theron asked, to which Hoshido shook her head. She sighed. “Wheeler? Scorpius? Morrigan? No? Ah, I see.”

“I told Isadora not to do it,” Hoshiyo looked like she was willing the earth to swallow her up so she could escape the present situation. It wasn’t working. “But, you know… She just… went and did it.”

“What, why would she…?” Ironclaw started to say, cut off by Theron shutting off her tablet and storing it, and then standing up from the table and towering over Hoshiyo.

“Can you take me to her?” Theron asked, lowering her head to try to reach eye level with Hoshiyo.

“Oh, um, of course,” Hoshiyo nodded, spinning around and dashing out the restaurant door, not even looking to see if Theron was following her.

Theron sighed and walked after her, already knowing that whatever excuse Isadora had, she was going to hate it. There were multiple reasons she had told them not to do this, and yet…

“This isn’t what you think!” Isadora cried the second she saw Hoshiyo leading Theron her way. “This is… slightly different from what you think it is.”

It was exactly what it looked like, and Theron wished Isadora at least had the sense to not even try to argue that fact. How old was Isadora again? These were the actions of a literal child.

“The only way this could more obviously be what it is would be if you labeled it,” Theron noted. “I said I was going to take care of it.”

“Yeah, but my way is faster,” Isadora insisted, patting her shoddily repaired motorcycle. A piece of it immediately fell, hitting the pavement with a loud clang.

“That thing is absolutely not safe to use,” Theron pierced Isadora with her gaze. The smaller, humanoid dragon didn’t react. “Give me back the package. I’ll take it.”

“I can deliver it myself,” Isadora insisted, clutching it to her chest when Theron reached for it.

“No,” Theron grabbed it anyway. “And that’s final.”

Before Isadora could protest further, Theron flew away with the package, Ironclaw following.

“Isadora?” Hoshiyo said in a quiet voice.

“Yeah?” Isadora turned her head to look at her, another piece falling off her motorcycle.

“You’re a garbage mechanic,” Hoshiyo told her, still in that quiet voice.

it’s true though isadora’s mechanic skills are complete garbage

also theron was working on something related to the package that needed to be delivered but thanks to someone being impatient that isn’t getting done yet

what’s in the package? idk

also isadora can’t fly (she has wings, they just. she’s really bad at it okay) and so uses this motorcycle to get around and also she crashes it at least once per week

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