Fictober Day 8: “Can You Stay?” (Resident Evil 2 Remake)

Hello, my name is Isis the Storm Dragon and I constantly cry over fictional characters.

Anyway here’s a fanfic. This one is about the most evil of residents.

If Claire survived this ordeal, the nightmares of it would probably kill her.

She had left Marvin behind, at his insistence. They both knew what would happen, much as she wanted to hope otherwise. For all she knew, he had become one of them after she left. He had only been getting worse as the night went on.

She hoped that Leon was okay, at least. It felt like an eternity since she had last seen him. Too many people had died already… and probably still would, somewhere beyond the police station.

Her footsteps and the screech of steam rang in her ears, the passageway simultaneously sweltering and freezing. Too loud, and yet somehow too quiet. Horrible things could hide in the quietness and in the darkness.

Someone ran across the grating above her, casting shadows down where she stood. She heard something growl in the distance, pursuing with a loud thud. Without thinking, she started running in the direction of the noise, twisting and turning down the thin corridors until she found herself climbing up.

She heard the voice again and followed it, until she came face to face with… a child. How had this child made it all the way here?

“You need help,” the girl whispered, staring beyond Claire with wide eyes full of terror.

“I can help you,” Claire offered, leaning in closer to the girl and trying to smile reassuringly.

“No,” the girl shook her head, her voice only slightly louder. “You need help!”

Claire stared at her, now seeing that the girl wasn’t actually looking at her. “What… do you mean?”

“He’s right behind you,” the girl whispered, and Claire quickly turned around to see-

It was a man. It also wasn’t a man, but a mass of twisted and bloodied flesh, the man’s right arm massive and deformed, a hideous golden eyeball nestled within it. In his gnarled hand he held up a pipe, covered in blood and grime. In his eyes there was only pain and rage, what sliver of humanity still in existence buried deep.

Claire ducked out of the way before the pipe could smash into her head. The creature, man, whatever she could even think to call it, stumbled after her, wildly swinging the pipe around.

Talking it over with this thing was out of the question.

The steam obscured her vision, but when she looked back she saw the monster’s silhouette dragging itself towards her, groaning and screaming the entire time, slamming the pipe into the walls around them. The bulbous eye in his arm watched her intently, twitching.

With a shaky hand, she aimed for the eye, sending the monster staggering back when the bullet hit. Enough time for her to run, put distance between them, ready a different gun.

This broken monstrosity wasn’t going to be her ruin. She’d gotten too far to let it be.

And yet, nothing slowed him down, as he stalked her just as much as he seemed to fight with himself, sometimes clutching his head with his still human hand and swinging the pipe around aimlessly. She rained bullets on him, bathed him in fire, and yet he still kept pursuing her around the room.

At least the zombies had the decency to stop moving after awhile.

The monster hid away from her suddenly, her only indication of his presence being his continuous roars and groans. When she stepped out from underneath the pathway above her, he leapt down from it, grabbing her. She stared into his eyes fully then, finding nothing that she thought she could reach within him.

Struggling against her exhaustion and the monster’s strength, she pushed him away, shooting him when he stood back up. He screamed, then, something more human this time, as he stumbled backwards and the mass of red flesh twisted further, until he backed into the railing and fell over it, screaming as he crashed into the water below.

Claire gripped the railing, looking over it and seeing no sign of the monster. “Oh, god…”

She was still alive.

“Little girl?” she called out, turning away from the railing and walking back to where she had found the girl. She wasn’t there, and her heart skipped a beat. “It’s safe, you don’t need to hide.”

She paused at the sound of shuffling, looking up to see the girl staring down at her from a platform, the ladder held up and locked in place. “It’s okay, he’s gone. Can you set the ladder down?”

The girl stared at her like she didn’t believe she was real, but moved over to the ladder and unlocked it.

“I’m Claire, by the way,” Claire told her after climbing up to join her. She wasn’t sure what else to say. What should she even say in this situation?

“My name is Sherry,” the girl replied, the faintest smile on her face. How long had she been alone down here? Her eyes darted around the dimly lit complex, before settling on Claire again, her body trembling. “Can you stay?”

“Of course I can,” Claire answered without hesitating. “…Where are your parents?”
She was afraid to ask that question.

“My mom’s somewhere down here, I think,” Sherry said, getting up to start walking. “I hope.”

Something remained unsaid, but Claire wasn’t going to pry. Instead, she followed Sherry up the stairs, listening for the sounds of zombies or that monster.

She’d help Sherry make it out alive even if it killed her.

i just want to like. wrap up claire, leon, and sherry into bubblewrap burritos to protect them, thanks.

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