Fictober Day 11: “It’s Not Always Like This” (Metroid Prime 2: Echoes)

can i just get a metroid-themed fictober prompt list please and thank you

She’d been up for too long again. Long enough to make the shadows bleed in the corner of her vision, to make her see things that weren’t actually there. Her body sagged underneath her armour, the weight of it so much greater than she was accustomed to. That was probably her exhaustion talking.

Mud squelched under her boots, rain pattering against the ground and her Power Suit. It was hypnotic, lulling her away into a sense of ease. The coldness, however, seemed to seep through her armour to bite at her skin, snapping her out of that sleepy haze, only for her to fall right back into it again in a vicious cycle.

She left the bog behind to walk through the temple ruins, each step heavier than the last one. It was fortunate that no animals, Pirates, or even a token Ing were roaming about, because she didn’t think she could fight in this state. She couldn’t really do anything besides walk, and she was barely managing that as it was.

Oh, Ancestors, how long had it been since she’d slept last? Carter gave her an answer her brain wasn’t quite registering, so she must have spoken that thought. Too long, that much she could tell from what Carter told her and displayed on her visor in blurred letters and numbers.

“You do not look well,” U-Mos noted as Samus staggered into the chamber. The water on the surface of the Dark Suit hadn’t yet dried off, dripping onto the dusty floor and gleaming in the thin rays of light that shone from above them. “I haven’t seen you since you left two days ago.”

So that’s how long it had been.

“It’s not always like this,” Samus said, leaning against the wall and sliding down it, unable to keep standing any longer. She looked up at U-Mos, keeping her combat visor up so he couldn’t see her face. “It’s usually a lot worse.”

“You need to sleep,” U-Mos told her, watching her try and fail to stand back up.

Samus shook her head. “I can’t, I still need to-“

“Aether will stand another day,” U-Mos said. “You won’t be able to stand another second, I’m afraid.”

“I’ll be fine,” Samus insisted.

“You will not be fine,” U-Mos’ voice was firm. “Rest.”

It was hard to keep arguing when her entire body felt like lead. “…Fine.”

She’d sleep for thirty minutes. Time was a resource the planet didn’t have much of, and she couldn’t spend it sleeping.

She closed her eyes, sleep and scattered dreams claiming her consciousness within seconds.

Aether could wait for just awhile longer.

she’s going to wake up ten hours later and be like “what happened”

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