Fictober Day 14: “I Can’t Come Back” (Original)

More dragon OC stuff (late again because still recovering from the migraine/tiredness). Death Velkir’s here again, as is another character of my friend’s, Aelvyk. She’s a Vyk Dragon. They’re a type of God Dragon that’s best described as like… a Big Good. They are pure and incorruptible, Aelvyks especially. Aelvyks are also made of water because why not.

we like dragon angst in this house

Death Velkir drifted through the nebula, lost in his thoughts. Shades of green, gold, and brown dust traveled past him as his body cut a trail through it, but it had soon become apparent he was not as alone as he thought. He turned to look in the direction of the newcomer, surprised to see a Vyk Dragon flying through the nebula towards him.

He felt an odd sense of calm wash over him as she got closer, and he couldn’t help but hover in the center of the nebula and wait for her. “…What would a Vyk Dragon like yourself be doing here?”

An Aelvyk, to be precise. The most pure God Dragon to ever exist.

He didn’t know what to make of her. It didn’t make sense for such a pure being like a Vyk Dragon to approach a Dark Kir Dragon. He should have been the last thing any Vyk Dragon, especially an Aelvyk, should have wanted to go near.

“I am curious about you,” Aelvyk replied, stopping in front of him, her wings stretched out as if to catch the wind. She stared at him with wide, yet wise eyes, leaning her head to the side as her liquid body moved like a flowing river.

“Curious… about me,” Death Velkir didn’t understand that, either. There was nothing to be curious about, the Vyk Dragon should know what he was, what he had done. She shouldn’t even want to look at him.

“Yes, curious,” the Vyk Dragon repeated, still looking at him without a single shred of distrust or hatred. It was not in the nature of a Vyk Dragon, an Aelvyk especially, to hate, but it was still strange to be looked upon by anyone without fear or rage. “Dark Kir Dragons are not the type to emanate such… sorrow.”

Death Velkir turned to fly away from her, to leave her behind in the nebula. “I am not worthy to be in your presence.”

“Is that not for me to decide?” Aelvyk argued, following him closely. “I sought you out. Your spirit called out for help, whether you see that or not.”

“You have made a mistake,” Death Velkir told her plainly, looking down at his own claws. “I still see the looks of betrayal on their faces, hear their screams as these claws stole their life force to add to my own. I am a monster. I do not deserve pity.”

“Monsters do not feel regret,” Aelvyk pointed out, flying ahead and blocking Death Velkir’s path. “But you do. You feel it so much it will tear you apart.”

Death Velkir had no response to that, staring at her. How could she think that? Did she not understand what he had done?

“You seem to have places to be,” Aelvyk noted, but perhaps that was her way of giving him a way out. “Might you return here, so that we may meet again?”

“I can’t come back,” Death Velkir said immediately, coldly, not that it seemed to have the intended effect. He shook his head, flying past her. “You wouldn’t want to see me again.”

“I believe that I do,” Aelvyk replied, watching him go.


Death Velkir had come back, despite his insistence he would not. The first time, he hadn’t expected Aelvyk to appear, but she had. And every time they had agreed to meet there after that. Nothing seemed to convince Aelvyk to stay away, and Death Velkir still couldn’t understand why the Vyk Dragon had taken so much interest in him.

There was still so much he needed to do, so much he needed to prepare for. Yet he still returned to meet with Aelvyk, drawn to her even as he felt he didn’t have any right to be. He’d told her about those plans, once they’d seen each other several more times.

He started to look forward to seeing Aelvyk, even as her presence made him feel both calm and unworthy at the same time.

“You are too kind to me,” he said one time, when they had met again under different circumstances, the stage he had been setting finished and ready to begin. He paused, then, looking at everything except the water dragon. “I do not deserve you… Not yet.”

If Aelvyk felt hurt, she didn’t show it or voice it. “Then I will wait until you do.”

He hoped he could.

i’m sure he will


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