Fictober Day 16: “Listen. No, really listen.” (Original)


It’s dragon OC time again! With two human OCs. Won’t that be fun?

First up is Caelia Arcanum, the Elementum Dragon of Aether, and a lovable walking disaster who is roughly the size of a T-Rex. You can find art of her (and Zinkeos copying her) here:

And here’s Saturn Ascendant, the Elementum Dragon of Space, and a much calmer individual than Caelia. And also much larger. You can see her here:

And finally, Leah Carroll and Everly Roy (I’m so bad at drawing humans right now):

This is actually a take on a scene for a future Elementum Dragon Saga fic, so here’s a bit of explanation (note it’s very WIP still): Saturn and Caelia arrive at a human planet, in particular a city that is now overrun with monsters from another dimension due to a large scale research facility conducting dangerous experiments and finally getting it to backfire on them. Leah is a police officer and the only officer who was trying to investigate the company that owns the facility, with Everly being a reporter who was also doing her own investigation. Absolutely no one took them seriously.

About the only satisfaction Leah and Everly get when everything turns into an apocalyptic wasteland is the satisfaction they were right.

Also full confession that Leah and Everly are inspired by Leon and Claire from RE, respectively, and that this setting itself is like… Resident Evil 2 meets Metroid Prime 2: Echoes.

Let’s go lesbians let’s gooooooo

Wind howled through the night, blowing papers and debris across the desolate roads and into and out of ruined buildings. Caelia dashed ahead, against the wind, leaving footprint craters in the road as she ran. Saturn followed her, carefully in an attempt to minimize the damage each of her thundering footsteps caused. It didn’t amount to much, but she liked to think showing restraint put her in a better position than Caelia.

Shadowy creatures who’s bodies shook as if they were glitching and distorted rushed across the road, snarling and hissing as Caelia trampled over them and Saturn obliterated them with well-aimed spotlights from the discs between her antlers. The creatures took on many forms, some only vaguely resembling animals like bats and lizards, others so alien that Saturn felt they looked more eldritch than the others.
Whatever this world was like, she didn’t think these creatures were part of it. Something had gone horribly wrong here, and she and Caelia were going to find out just what it was…


“Think that’s all of them?” Everly asked, looking over at Leah as they stood among the crystallized pieces of the shadow monsters and stains of their purple blood. There never seemed to be an end to them, more rifts in the fabric of reality tearing so more could travel through and hunt down those who remained.

“I hope so,” Leah slumped against the wall, the battered pipe she had been holding slipping out of her grip before she could catch it. The pipe landed on the floor with a loud clang, both of them freezing and listening for any of the monsters’ horrible sounds to herald their arrival. They heard nothing.

“I can’t take much more of this,” Leah added, once another moment of inaction from the creatures went by. “There’s no way out of the city like this, and we still haven’t found Anna.”

They didn’t have any assurance that Anna was even still alive. All they had was hope, something in short supply in this city.

When they started to move again, carefully walking through the building and avoiding any open windows, Leah abruptly paused. She strained her ears again, to listen for the sound within the shrieking wind. It sounded like thunder, which caused her to hold breath. A storm now? As if things couldn’t possibly get any worse.

“Leah, come on!” Everly tried to yell within a whisper, gesturing for Leah to follow her.

“Listen!” Leah whisper-yelled back, holding a hand up. “No, really listen…”
And listen Everly did, until she heard it too. Thunderous crash after thunderous crash, getting louder and closer to their location.

“Hello!” came a loud, excited voice as the wall near them crumbled, revealing a dragon about the size of a T-Rex, purple and pink and covered in crystals. The dragon stared at them, smiling and spreading out her golden wings. “Pleased to meet you!”

Leah and Everly did what was, all things considered, the expected thing to do in that situation: they screamed and ran.

“Wait, come back!” Caelia shouted, as a barrier suddenly appeared in front of her, causing her to crash into it as she moved to give chase. She rubbed her head and looked back at Saturn. “H-Hey!”

“You have all the grace of a rhinoceros…” Saturn mumbled, looking past Caelia and down the hall that Leah and Everly had disappeared into. That way would lead to… “Can you calm down?”

“…Maybe?” Caelia offered rather unhelpfully.
Saturn sighed and shook her head. “Follow me, but please make an attempt not to scare them away again?”

Caelia nodded eagerly, and Saturn made it to the other side of the building in only a few, careful steps, right as Leah and Everly emerged from the doorway. The two screamed and turned to rush back into the building, but Saturn calmly blocked their way with another magic barrier.

“Why don’t we introduce ourselves instead of you two running away and getting hurt?” Saturn asked them calmly. “I’m Saturn Ascendant. And that’s my wife, Caelia Arcanum.”

“Hi!” Caelia tripped over a vehicle and faceplanted right into the road. She yelped and got back up like nothing happened, standing next to Saturn. “Who might you be?”

“…Leah Carroll…?” Leah answered first, staring up at the dragons in a mix of awe and terror. “I must be hallucinating. I haven’t slept in… how many days?”

“Everly Roy,” Everly sounded much calmer than Leah, and indeed she felt more at ease than she expected to. She must have hit her limit. “…Why are you here?”

“We were traveling across space when we found your world,” Saturn explained. “We decided to visit, but it would seem that something has gone very wrong in this city, hasn’t it?”

“You can say that,” Leah mumbled, looking at something in her hand. Neither Saturn or Caelia could see what it was, as Leah quickly put it back in her pocket. “It’s the research facility, they were performing experiments involving other dimensions, and then… this happened.”

“I take it you both saw this coming?” Saturn inquired, listening for the sounds of the monsters. More of them had to have noticed her and Caelia by now.

“Yes, but everyone we tried to tell didn’t believe us,” Everly replied. “You know what the people in charge of this disaster had that we didn’t?”

“Money,” Leah finished for Everly.

That made no sense to Caelia, but Saturn got the meaning. That seemed to always be the case, didn’t it?

“We can help you, then,” Saturn offered, the wind pushing against her and blowing some debris into her side. She ignored it. “What do you need?”

“We’ve been trying to make it to the facility,” Everly explained. “See if shutting their machine down will stop the monsters from coming through. And there’s… we’ve been trying to find a kid named Anna.”

Leah pulled the photo out of her pocket and showed it to the dragons, so that they could see what Anna looked like. “We were… on friendly terms with her parents. We owe it to them to find her.”

“We can help!” Caelia nodded eagerly, committing the image to her memory.

“Thank you,” Everly said, as another part of her brain questioned both why she was agreeing to let the dragons assist them and also why she wasn’t questioning the fact that she was talking to dragons.

As Saturn and Caelia moved so that Leah and Everly could walk ahead of them, Everly decided she was too tired to question any of those things.

Leah, for her part, decided that this wasn’t even the weirdest thing they’d experienced so far, and she wasn’t going to say no to help, no matter the source.

Against the wind, they walked forward, disappearing into the ruined city.

anna’s fine by the way. physically, anyway.

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