Fictober Day 17: “There Is Just Something About Him” (Metroid Fusion)

Late, but things happen. Mostly some Internet troubles.

I will never cease with my Metroid fanons and headcanons. Never.

Sarah (who is briefly mentioned) is an OC with a backstory I’m not keen on spoiling as of this time. Carter is a Chozo AI that was given to Samus as a child and who eventually grew into her own personality. She’s named after Samantha Carter from Stargate because, uhhhhh, reasons?

Also if I can ever like… post the fic I wrote for NaNo 2015 that was a Metroid fanfic, some other stuff here will make a bit more sense so I might at as well like. Mention that Adam/Anthony happens in my fanon.

The hum of the elevator rang in Samus’ ears as it descended, a rhythm that only served to heighten her unease. For the time being, she was alone with her thoughts, not a sign of the X Parasites and not a word from the AI that the Federation had assigned to her (they hadn’t told what happened to Carter when her ship crashed, and she didn’t get a chance to ask).

The AI in particular hounded Samus’ thoughts, the robotic voice causing tremors of memory to course through her body. It didn’t make sense for a computer to sound like him, and yet…

It became harder and harder to view the AI as just a machine the more they spoke to each other. It was just so the AI could give her the Federation’s orders, but there was a familiarity she couldn’t shake.

Like she had known the AI for a long time.

“There is just something about him…” she muttered to herself, and that was the first time she’d thought of the AI as a person, and not a machine. The loneliness of the BSL must have been getting to her. “No, it’s nothing…”

But he spoke with Adam’s voice, cold and impersonal it might have been. She could still hear it, and she didn’t know why. Adam died what felt like a century ago, for her sake (not that she wanted to remember that part, lest the guilt churn her stomach all over again). The thought reminded her, briefly, of Anthony and Sarah. She hoped they were doing well, but she knew deep down the answer was likely to be a firm no.

“I could just call him Adam,” Samus said, her voice just as loud as the elevator’s hum despite every word being spoken in a whisper. “I need to call him something.”

But he wasn’t really Adam, and he definitely wasn’t her friend. Viewing him as an equal, giving him a name, was giving him more credit than he deserved. The Federation made him to follow orders, not to think. Not like Carter.

The elevator came to a stop, the door opening before her so she could look down another empty, ruined corridor. Thoughts of “Adam” and Carter fell by the wayside, if only for a moment. The X Parasite that had stolen her old self away from her could be anywhere.

She clenched her free hand, covered in a harsh blue casing when it should have been protected by strong, metallic orange. The armour that stood between her and the world had been taken, leaving only this soft blue and yellow shell that caved under the slightest pressure, made the pain all the worse.

Her own body felt alien to her, scarred on the outside and changed by the Metroid DNA. She had stopped being Human the day that Gray Voice and Old Bird brought her to Zebes, and now she had drifted ever further away.

She realized, without a hint of humour, that the doctors and scientists had broken Galactic Federation laws just to save her. They would more than likely pay for their actions, and she knew it was only a matter of time until it caught up to her, and no one could save her this time.

But above all else, the universe hadn’t managed to kill her yet. It had taken her family from her over and over again, it had brought her face to face with a god, it had swallowed her up into an eldritch realm, it had poisoned her body, and yet she kept moving on and on. This wouldn’t be any different.

She refused to let it be.


“Is Aran aware of our secrets yet?” the man didn’t even give the AI the courtesy of showing his face.

“She is not,” the AI answered, impassive as ever. “She has not asked any questions.”

“See that she doesn’t,” the man spoke with a hint of malice that didn’t go undetected by the AI. “I’m sure you can do that, yes?”

“Of course,” the AI’s purple eye pulsed brightly with each word. “Will that be all?”

“For now,” the dark silhouette of the man disappeared from the screen, leaving the AI alone again, until the next time that the man or Samus showed their faces.

Underneath the programming and the protocols that forced a mask of compliance over his words and actions, Adam seethed.

welcome to my take on metroid where nothing bad ever happens, definitely

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