Fictober Day 18: “Secrets? I Love Secrets.” (Original)

I am going to eat my entire Internet.

Here’s even more dragon OCs because I’m pretty sure ace lesbian dragons are my brand now: Vento Ziel, the Elementum Dragon of Wind (one of my OCs) and Alivia Forestale, Elementum Dragon of Nature (one of my friend’s OCs). Ziel is pretty easygoing and also (in her mind) a charming romantic. Alivia delights in at least two things that I know of: her fellow Elementum Dragons and the complete and total annihilation of villains, preferably at her own talons.

Put another way: Ziel’s all for a nice chat and a good cup of tea/coffee. Alivia’s the dragon you call when you absolutely need to 100% sure Dark Falz is deader than Sega in the console race and never coming back.

I’ve still got the other prompts to finish, hopefully soon.

“Felt a bit lonely, did you?” Ziel asked, Alivia walking towards her and into the room. The door closed behind Alivia, and Ziel spread her wings out in a welcoming gesture, beckoning Alivia to come closer.

“Perhaps I want your company,” Alivia answered with a smile, her ruff shaking with barely contained excitement as she looked at Ziel. How long had she waited to be in the same place as another of her kind? “I’m sure you’re not busy…”

“For you, never,” Ziel said with a twirl and a bow, smile growing ever wider the longer she looked at Alivia. She reached a wing forward, wrapping it around Alivia’s shoulder and pulling the much larger dragon close. Her ears perked up from the contact. “I always have time for my fellow Elementum Dragons…”

“Of course you do,” Alivia nuzzled Ziel back, wrapping a wing around her, obscuring much of the Wind Elementum with it. “And we’ve only just been reunited. We should take the time together, yes?”

“Yes, we most certainly should,” Ziel smiled, leading Alivia deeper into her room despite the Nature Elementum towering over her. “I’m sure there’s a lot we can talk about. Maybe share a few secrets?”

“Secrets?” Alivia’s ears and ruff flared upward at the same time. She stepped away from Ziel, looking her in the eyes as her own gleamed with anticipation as much as her sharp teeth seemed to. “I love secrets!”

“I thought you might,” Ziel tried not to chuckle at the look on Alivia’s face. She looked over at her bed, realizing all too late that it wasn’t anywhere near big enough to accommodate Alivia, and definitely not both of them at once. She’d have to ask someone about that… “So, why don’t you go first? Share one of your secrets, you know you can trust me…”

“My secret is I’m afraid of dolls, you know exactly what kind of dolls I mean,” Alivia said without a hint of hesitation. Her tongue curled around her fangs for a moment, like she had just seen something that looked good enough to eat. Her tail swished to the left and to the right. “And what secret will you share with me, hmm?”

Ziel decided to ignore the hungry look in Alivia’s eyes. She laughed nervously as she thought about it, finding the whole thing rather silly. “It’s… a fear I’ve got, but…”

Alivia pulled out her scythe and one of her knives immediately. “Whatever it is you fear, I will ensure that it suffers a painful death!”

Ziel blinked, her head jerking to the side as if she’d been slapped. Her brain threatened to shut down as she struggled to process Alivia’s words and keep from laughing and screaming herself to tears. In Alivia’s eyes Ziel saw the utmost sincerity and the most pure adoration, it was both cute and terrifying all at once. “…You never learned how this romantic talk thing works, did you?”

“Not at all,” Alivia answered, but she didn’t sound or look ashamed in the slightest. Instead, a flicker of pain crossed her eyes, gone as soon as it had appeared. “Where, how I grew up… Never got the chance.”

Well, that made Ziel feel bad for bringing it up.

“But please, tell me what it is,” Alivia changed the subject herself. “Tell me. Tell me.”

“I’m, uh, afraid of storms,” Ziel confessed, already wanting the earth to swallow her up the second she saw Alivia’s eyes gleam with incredulity. “You try sleeping when the entire house is shaking!”

“You’re a wind dragon,” Alivia pointed out. “You shouldn’t be bothered by a little wind.”

“Says the dragon who’s scared of dolls,” Ziel shot back.

Alivia shrugged. “True.”

“Now, why don’t we-” Ziel didn’t get to finish her sentence or even hint at what she was about to suggest, as Alivia pulled her into a hug with both her arms and her wings, crushing the smaller wind dragon.

“Alivia, please…” Ziel tried to say, but her words went unheard, Alivia only holding her tighter.

She supposed her suggestion could wait.

alivia shows affection to her wives and daughters by crushing them in her arms and wings

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