Fictober Day 4 (Late): “That Didn’t Stop You Before” (Metroid Prime 2: Echoes)

It’s migraine month apparently.

Anyhow, it was only a matter of time until I wrote a Metroid fanfic for Fictober. I’m not 100% happy with this one, but after writing and editing it through some bad migraines I’ll cut myself a little slack.

Days 5 and 6 will be finished soon, also.

Even with the Dark Suit’s protection, Samus still felt the chilled air of Torvus Bog seep through to her bones. The downpour had been going on since she first arrived, the rain constantly splashing against her visor and making it just as hard to see as it was to walk through the slippery mud. Haven’t slipped yet, but there’s still a whole day ahead of me, so there’s still a chance! Ugh.

“You’re unusually quiet,” Carter noted, as Samus had begun reading one of the translated Luminoth messages. “Shall I turn on one of your playlists?”

“Uh, no,” Samus replied, still focused on the message. Her mind wandered, putting herself back in that time of peace before the devastation arrived. “I’m… it’s fine. We’re fine.”

“You don’t sound fine,” Carter pointed out.

I’m not really fine because I keep finding dead bodies of the people here who need my help before their entire world collapses, but thanks for checking, Samus thought, but didn’t say.

This hadn’t been what she’d signed up for when she agreed to find the missing Federation Troopers. She’d braced herself for the possibility they were already dead by the time she reached this unknown planet, but she hadn’t prepared herself for what was to follow.

Just once, she’d like to visit a world that wasn’t dead or on the verge of it.
She climbed up a slope, her footsteps ringing loudly against the rusting metal scattered in front of the door. She stepped through it, leaving the rain behind and traveling through familiar rooms and tunnels. The interior, overgrown and filled with water, had locked the chill inside, ensuring no escape. She endured it, making her way to her destination.

The Hydrodynamo Station, the map told her. Dimly lit and abandoned, but the machinery still worked, moving around in a slow circle. She stepped close to the edge, underneath it, peering into the murky water to get some idea of what lied below. She couldn’t see much, except that it seemed to be quite deep.

“Great, water,” Samus grumbled, “and I don’t even have the Gravity Suit.”

“Well, that didn’t stop you before,” Carter chimed in, her normally deadpan voice filled with the kind of mocking excitement that Samus definitely didn’t program. “Go on. I want to see what’s down there!”

“Fine,” Samus sighed, jumping into the water to see what lurked within it.
Large, carnivorous fish, it turned out. Horrible, horrible fish with equally horrible jaws that opened in a way that jaws simply were not meant to open. They also exploded into several pieces when Samus managed to shoot one in the mouth, revealing their one weakness and both making her day and ruining it all at the same time.

When she noticed a door she could open, she leapt over to it, moving slowly through the water and briefly wondering if she’d actually make it to the ledge or if she’d just plummet further into the abyss. Reaching the door, she stepped into the corridor, pausing so her eyes could adjust to the greater darkness and gloom once the door closed behind her.

Immediately, she felt eyes on her, the attention of something other than the small, harmless fish swimming away from her. She kept walking, eventually stepping out of the water, the darkness illuminated by orbs of blue light that flew past her, further down the corridor.

Phazon, she realized, looking at the sparkling orbs that lingered in the air more closely. Her suit’s Geiger counter crackled, confirming that suspicion.

She shouldn’t follow it. She followed it anyway, entering a large room with a statue looming over a pool of water, a small number of bloggs swimming around in it. The orbs of Phazon floated above the statue, coalescing into the strange being she thought she’d destroyed before: Dark Samus.

Samus pointed her arm cannon at her, but Dark Samus simply remained hovering in the air, looking down at her. Samus couldn’t tell what she was thinking, but then her body started to shake with a horrible, deep laugh that didn’t sound like Samus while sounding too much like her. A corruption she couldn’t make sense of.

Dark Samus stopped laughing, her voice still echoing until that too faded away. She gave Samus one last look, her expression unreadable through the thin visor. Her body dissipated into the particles again, flowing upward and out of the room.

“So she’s not dead after all,” Carter said after Dark Samus vanished. “One more problem to deal with.”

“She could be anywhere now,” Samus said, scanning the room while keeping a safe distance from the pool. She read the statue’s scan. “Oh, so that’s how that works…”

She couldn’t do anything about Dark Samus right now. For all she knew, the former Metroid Prime had found another way into Dark Aether, seeking out the Phazon that had clearly revived her. With any luck, she’d be the Space Pirates’ problem again for awhile.

Samus didn’t have the time to dwell on it now. She had a world to save, and the Galactic Federation to disappoint when she could finally share the fate of their ship and crew.

She took a step towards the pool.

metroid fluff exists i swear

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