Spooky Video Game Music: Hall of Origin (Pokemon)

I’m gonna do another bonus round for Halloween proper, so have this three song epic. Why are there three tracks? I couldn’t decide which version of this track to use, and it didn’t make sense to me to do multiple posts for variants of a single track (although potentially the Legends: Arceus version could stand on its own).

I am a big fan of the Sinnoh region and its associated lore. I am also constantly losing my mind at how people choose to interpret the lore of its Legendary/Mythical Pokemon (call Giratina “Pokemon Satan” in my presence if you want me to just start screaming incoherently as I try to explain why it isn’t actually the Devil, but I digress). I love huge pantheons of gods! I love eldritch secrets that humankind probably shouldn’t know!

And speaking of the latter…

The Hall of Origin is where you meet Arceus, the creator of the Pokemon universe as we know it. Ancient and powerful beyond all comprehension. Only this isn’t truly Arceus that you’re about to meet, battle, and catch. This is but a fraction of Arceus’ power, a mere avatar appearing before you in a form that your feeble mind can actually grasp. Remember the Sinnoh creation tale that speaks of Arceus and its many arms? Yeah. I do not want to perceive that and neither should you.

For each game, the Hall of Origin’s music is suitably ancient and alien. It is not grand and holy, as might be expected, but ever so vaguely sinister. Sure, Arceus doesn’t mean you harm… but you are but an ant next to it all the same. An ant who’s only standing here in this sacred space because Arceus has decided you’re worthy of it. You are interesting enough to Arceus that it would like to accompany you through one of its avatars.

Naturally, you’re going to feed it cupcakes. As a Pokemon Trainer does with any Pokemon that could easily atomize them.

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