The Dragon of Crystal and Frost is Out Now!

All available retailers will be here:

It’s on Amazon now, but the B2R link hasn’t updated yet, so here’s the Amazon link:

I’ve also made it available on every library vendor that D2D can send to, and as of this writing it’s on everything except Hoopla (which is still processing).

Since the death of her mentor, Melanie has been adrift without purpose. Entrusted with a sword of great power and an unknown past, the young knight hears of a legend that tells of an elven mage imprisoned in a great tower and guarded by a mighty dragon in the tallest mountain in the land of Diamondpeak. Desperate to make a name for herself, she sets out to slay the dragon, free the elven mage, and become a hero in her own way.

But when the time comes, can she do it? Or is there another role that she’s supposed to play?

Content notes: Minor blood and violence, some moments of peril. Should be suitable for all ages.

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