Winter Video Game Music: Phendrana Drifts Depths (Metroid Prime)

Been meaning to pick this back up for years, and it’s still miserably cold over here, so that means it’s still WINTER.

And what better way to finally bring this series of posts back then with another Metroid Prime track, especially to celebrate the release of Metroid Prime Remastered? Which everyone should go play immediately.

Metroid Prime’s music is one of my favorite video game OSTs ever and the entire trilogy’s music is burned into my brain as “what the 2000’s sounded like”. A thousand years will pass and I will still find a way to talk about how much I love these games and their music.

So, this specific track. The very first music for Phendrana you hear is a simple ambience that shifts into the full-blown track beloved all across the Internet. It’s a beautiful, soothing track. In comparison, the theme for the Depths is much more energetic while still utilizing the key melodies of the main Phendrana theme. The end result is still atmospheric and “icy”, but gets your blood pumping.

(I still fall asleep to this regardless, because apparently I don’t care what songs should be considered suitable for that purpose or not; I’ll even fall asleep to the GFS Valhalla’s music but I don’t recommend it)

And where the main Phendrana theme has a fairly ‘expansive’ sound, the Depths sound much more enclosed in comparison. Which is fitting enough for the areas it plays in. The main theme is much more contemplative; the Depths theme is adventurous, but still mysterious.

Please listen to it (and buy Metroid Prime Remastered immediately; I want Echoes and Corruption redone like this!)

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