Winter Video Game Music: Field (Freezing Cold) (The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild)

I didn’t make a post yesterday because I was very busy, but now I’m not! Isn’t that great?

I’m planning to do five total, so this is the second one.

I didn’t get to play Breath of the Wild until years after its release, but since I’ve played it I have been unable to. stop. thinking. about it. I can’t wait for Tears of the Kingdom, whatever the hell it’s actually about (Nintendo can’t keep getting away with this!).

Just as Breath of the Wild is a different experience from previous Zelda games, so is its music different from previous soundtracks. This works for some people and really doesn’t for other people. I went over this in my Spooky Video Game Music post featuring Artaria I from Metroid Dread, so I’ll just go ahead and link that post here instead of repeating myself:

Now that we’ve established I’m approaching Breath of the Wild’s music on its own terms, let’s talk about this track.

It plays in the various snowy areas on the map, so it’s not really connected to one specific area but rather a biome type. It’s empty and disjointed as much of Breath of the Wild’s music is, and that works in its favour. It sounds cold. Each note feels like a biting chill, and communicates a sense of isolation. Bonus points when there’s a blizzard happening. I’ve also seen others consider this a creepy theme, and while I don’t necessarily find it such myself, I get where they’re coming from. The coldness is not exactly inviting.

This was one of several pieces of winter music I listened to while writing The Dragon of Crystal and Frost, also. I think I listened to this more than other track for it.

Anyways, hoped you packed a meal to keep you warm while you’re up here.

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