Winter Video Game Music: Montenevera (Pokemon Scarlet/Violet)

Four out of five! Haven’t forgotten about this. It’s just been… a Time. Better wrap this up soon, though, because it’s starting to get warmer and staying that way.

A game I’ve played recently! This is great. It means I can talk about this in a bit more detail since I’m familiar with it.

Montenevera is a town in Glaseado Mountain, which is covered in ice and snow. It contains one of the Gyms you need to challenge, but it’s not Ice-Type Pokemon that this Gym Leader uses. It’s Ghost-Type Pokemon! The Ice-Type Gym Leader is higher up the mountain.

Also this Gym Battle is a double battle, which otherwise don’t exist in standard gameplay here (I think this is the only single-player instance of a double battle in these games, but don’t quote me on that).

Montenevera is a fairly pleasant town, and personally I really love the vibe of it. The music certainly helps. It hits the right wintery sounds while still sounding lively and inviting (which is very funny, for a town with a Ghost-Type Gym). The icy notes give a fairly ethereal vibe to them as well, fitting the ghost side of it.

I want to live here. Can I live here? Sure it would be murder on my joints but the Pokemon world has free healthcare so I’d probably be fine.

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