Let’s Meet the Storm Dragon

That ‘Beware of Dragon’ sign wasn’t sarcastic, you know. Ah, well, lucky for you I’m a big softie.

I’m Prosser. Isis E. Prosser. The Storm Dragon, the Dream Weaver, the Ace of Space… A dragon trapped in this very squishy body. I didn’t win the reincarnation lottery this time, did I?

So. About me. Well, I like a lot of things. Books and video games are my passions. I love to write, particularly fantasy and science fiction worlds (I might write contemporary once in a blue moon, though!). When it comes to films and television, I find myself far more interested in animation than live-action, although the latter’s still good.

Expect to see a lot of original writings and fanfiction from me, plus some ramblings about video games (are you ready for fifty million posts about Metroid?!). I’m a homoromantic/demiromantic asexual woman who tends to write about homoromantic/demiromantic asexual women, too. My writing is basically filled with aces, screaming, cute animals, robots, dragons, and more screaming.

Currently, I live in Corn Hell. Otherwise known as Indiana. I live with my mom and two cats, a loud calico named Lyla and a mischievous black snowshoe mix named Olivia. One day, I want to adopt an iguana and name it Godzilla.

I also run a jewelry shop on Etsy, because it’s what all the cool dragons are doing. Probably. Anyway, find it here: Storm Dragon’s Wares

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